The Mid-Hudson bridge in black & white

This is, quite obviously, a very simple shot. No foreground, and no background, just… bridge. It’s a pretty bridge and I wanted to show it off.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge.

So what did I see that made me think this could work? Contrast. It was shot in the morning with the sun still fairly low in the sky and providing lots of contrast on the bridge’s towers.

I wanted as much of the bridge as possible in the shot but that at the expense of adding distraction. The defined where I set the edges of my frame. To the left I made sure to leave the bluff on the shoreline (Kaal Rock?) just out of frame. To the right I set me edge where the bridge fades into Highland. Top and bottom: just enough room to let the tower and reflection breathe.

What is left to distract the viewer? The river, complete with ice chunks, and the sky. Enter the 10-stop filter and a 50 second exposure and that problem is solved.

The processing was pretty simple: bring up the contrast to accentuate the bridge.

Think of this photo as a distillation of pure bridge essence.

f/16 | 27mm | ISO 100 | 50 seconds


  • Chris contelmo

    I would like to purchase a photo of yours the black and white of the mid Hudson bridge.

    Thank you Chris

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