Balancing artistry and technique

If you spend enough time reading about photography online you’ll run into a fair amount of anti-technique sentiment.  To some extent this is understandable — the inevitable backlash against the legion of sharpness-as-Nirvana engineer-types that are attracted to photography.  Photography is an art and the camera is just a tool; if anything the camera is an unwelcome interloper between artist and subject.

Photography is an art, on that I agree, but eschewing a strong technical foundation is misguided.

Technique is the foundation for your art.  Learn it, understand it, and it will liberate your vision.  Make it your goal to understand it so well that spend virtually no time in the field thinking about settings.

The goal is the melding of art and technique: craftsmanship.

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Peach trees at Dressel Farms. Gardiner, NY.


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  • renee Z

    But when your skills get in the way of what’s before you and your techniques can no longer get you the results, though your artist eye wants to take you there, and the satisfaction of what you are trying to capture is lost, then what?

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